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Company Data and Documents

Companies keep a large part of their knowledge in documents or data. This information has to be captured, categorised, managed and stored. The amount of data increases daily therefore sustainable automated solutions are required to make information accessible to humans and machines.



  • Office
  • Network - Shares
  • CAD / CAM
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Intranet
  • Mails
  • Documents


  • API-Interfaces
  • Social
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Cloud - Tools
  • Apps

Processes, Designs and Guidelines

Every project starts with planning. Processes and guidelines are defined and used to design a successful solution. Our analysts will involve your users and stakeholders from the very beginning. This creates a sound concept matching your business processes.

Process- and Integration Layer


Integration in a existing environment is a critical key to success. Systems like ERP, CRM or accounting software are major parts of business workflows. Integrating these systems is a vital part of  EIM and ECM. Taken in consideration that a company and its employees use different views on data, a full 360° integration is required.


Many ECM implementations and their paradigms are failing because of their centric approach. Even companies that completely rely on ECM cannot avoid decentralised information storages. It is thus necessary to offer users a unified view on information and documents coming from decentralised sources.

  • Document Management

    Document Management

    Document management is a vital part of ECM and is used to organise unstructured data:

    • Classification including meta data
    • Versioning
    • Auditing compliant
    • Archiving including management of record retention
    • Access authorization mechanisms


  • Portals


    Share content with your team or collaborators through a web portal. Portals are often used as “project sites” and are considered to be a great help for teams. Working together on tasks, documents and targets is simple – no more “mail updates” or concurrent information.

  • Records Management

    Records Management

    Information and documents exists because of their respective business processes. Regardless of being a sales, purchase or employee process.

    Indexing and meta-data will be set on its respective context. The same document can be used in interdisciplinary views.

  • Mailroom Automation

    Mailroom Automation

    Processing a mailroom, neither analog or digital, is a time consuming effort. Starting with a single discipline, like capturing invoices, leads to reduced costs and processing time in the long run. Depending on demands, different approaches are leading to success:

    • automated capturing with barcode
    • document classification with a self-learning system
    • extraction and process controlling
    • context-based capturing of emails
  • Workflows


    ECM can be used to capture, automate and monitor workflows based on data or documents. A process can be created without any programming know-how. Regarding on the situation users can be involved via mobile device, portal or rich-client. Within the meaning of ECM as enterprise strategy, workflows can be used in combination with existing business applications.

  • Mobility


    The mobile and location-indepedent work became reality. Employees can now access desired information from anywhere.

    Being part of a process is easy because of a flexible and mobile-ready workflow engine. Working mobile, but offline, is possible with the help of an intuitive replication mechanism.



ELO ECM Suite 10 from ELO Digital Office offers a comprehensive solution for capturing, managing and archiving documents and data. Workflows based on documents or information are integrated at enterprise level. Information workers can profit from a Multi-Client-Strategy: rich client, portals, mobile apps or fully integrated applications are available.


AWELOS from ACTIWARE is the critically acclaimed universal middleware. AWELOS enables unified document storage, content presentation and automated processes. Documents can be captured regardless of their source. Information can be used context-based and completely integrated inside applications.

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Treskon relies on e-mobility

Treskon is sustainability a major concern. We handle the available resources with care. For this reason we added an electric car to our car pool. Our sales team uses the e-car as their primary means of transport and is enjoying it's benefits. Whilst acquiring the e-car, we had an eye on a sustainable infrastructure as well - consequently visitors of Treskon HQ can rely on a public accessible charging station.

Turnkey contract management solution

Contract management is becoming more and more important in business. Due to the complexity and increasing number of contracts, it is difficult to keep an overview and find necessary information quickly. In addition there are often different types of contracts, for example rental- service- or purchase contracts with different periods.

Referring to this issues it is important to miss no deadlines to escape unnecessary expense and not to stress any business relationship.

Treskon has recognized this problem and developed a standard solution for contract management.

Here you find some of the many advantages that you can achieve with our solution:

  • You will get a better overview of your contracts and their information
  • An automatic reminder function helps you to miss no important deadlines
  • Contracts can be complex and long, but you can still search with our intelligent searchengine by specific words and will receive the required information within seconds
  • By access authorities you are able to control the in-house safety aspects
  • The funktion of the versioning of contracts allows you the contrasting juxtaposition of the different changes
  • To comment your documents as usal you are able to use the digital marker-, stamp- and sticky note function

For further information or a personal meeting, contact us!


ELO ECM training courses

Currently  training courses, concerning ELO BLP - Business logic provider, are taking place. This module can be integrated into all leading enterprise applications. Such as an ERP- or CRM-System. Users benefit from a transparent information retrieval in their familar environment.

The training courses include, among other things, following topics:

  • Installation of ELO BLP
  • Basic configuration and the configuration of storage rules
  • Configuration of function- and control examples

Contact us - We are pleased to advise you and find the right training course for your company.

Treskon expands

Since October 2015, Treskon has  recruited a new team member. Georg Kula increases dynamic our consulting department. Additionally we moved to a larger office in order to provide us more space for further development and creative deployment.

Our address and contact details remain the same.

ECM for real estate

Treskon started a cooperation with with MSE to build a document management solution around RELion - a well-known real-estate software-solution. During this year, a solution will be released which offers case-driven document management which is fully integrated into MSE RELion and handles all the aspects off a real-estate business.

ELO ECM Convention 2015

We would like you to inform you about this years ELO ECM convention in Vienna, Austria!
Expect an interesting day with expert-talks about Enterprise-Content-Management, optimizing business processes, records management and ideas about the digital information future.

7th November, 2015 starting at 09:00
Vienna Marriott Hotel, Parkring 12a, Vienna

Save the Date, details will follow!

MSE RELion Event

mse GmbH, Steinringer WEB and IT solutions GmbH, Treskon GmbH and the host Microsoft Austria GmbH invited interested persons to join for an interesting day about solutions for the real estate sector. All presentations were laid out to show how integration is made simple and effective these days. These questions have been answered:

  • How can information and documents managed in an efficient way?
  • How to find information which is of importance?
  • How can I achieve the latter without keeping information redundant.

Contact us if you couldn't attend and want to get a summary about the event!



Actiware presented the all new and game-changing release of AWELOS and CONNECT 5 at the CeBIT in Hannover.

The Middleware offers now a better and more integrated way of integrating like ERP, CRM or other business software.AWELOS and CONNECT vastly changes the approach for Enterprise-Application-Integration (EAI), by abstracting the business and application-integration layer. As a consequence, data and information can be unified or orchestrated. Information capturing is simplified and an effective-integration in existing business software is made easy.


ELO ECM Convention 2014

Treskon was part of the ELO ECM Convention 2014 which was hosted at Marriott Hotel in the heart of Vienna, Austria.

Theme of the event was "Ease your business" - which was completed with Treskon's expert-talk: "simply manage business processes with ELO". Guests appreciated the possibility to inform themselves about modern ECM solutions and could talk with our professionals and hear their opinion.

We want to thank our visitors and would welcome them back again on 07.10.2015.

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Are you interested in an exciting job at a young and dynamic company?

Read the job offer in German over here!


Are you interested in an exciting job at a young and dynamic company?

Read the job offer in German over here!